Spring Madness: At-Home Remedies for Sinus Allergies


With the year transitioning from spring to summer, the grass is definitely greener on the other side. However, the heavy price that comes with this beautiful season is… allergies. 

According to flonase.com, pollen, which activates allergies, is released at a higher level from dormant trees so they can reproduce during the spring. Mold, which also triggers allergies, grows more abundantly in heat and humid conditions.

Grass pollination is also more abundant during the spring season. When all three types of pollen are inhaled at high rates from the air, you’ve got yourself a severe case of the sniffles and itchy throat. 


How to avoid allergy triggers 

Though allergies are very unpredictable, scientists have put out information to track when pollen counts increase. Based on the research at acaai.org: tree, ragweed, and grass pollen thrive on cool nights and warm days, peaking in the morning hours. Pollen counts also soar on windy days and after rainfall, when it’s most humid. 

Luckily, allergies are treatable. Here are natural ways to clear your congestion and sinuses:


Essential oils

Inhaling essential oils, researchers say, is a natural, simple way to open the airways of your respiratory system and ease congestion.

Specifically tea tree, peppermint and eucalyptus, essential oils have compounds within that support the immune system by clearing the yuck and welcoming relief into the body. 

To treat sinus congestion and allergies, a few drops of essential oils can be inhaled through steam by putting them into a hot bath,  a bowl of boiling water, or a room vaporizer. Oils can be found on Amazon.com, Target or at Walmart.


Nasal Irrigation 

Mucus stuffing your nose? Nasal irrigation is an easy, at-home way to rinse your sinuses by thinning out the mucus causing the clog. 

The process works by squeezing the saline solution into one nostril, then repeating the process on the other side, over a sink. 

Nasal irrigation rinses pollen, dust and other debris from your air flow. A nasal irrigation kit can be found at a nearby CVS, Walmart, Target, or Amazon. 



During the allergy season, it’s important to be mindful of the food you’re fueling your body with. Making sure to include many fruits and vegetables in your diet is vital when it comes to keeping your immune system strong. 

In addition staying hydrated, while digesting things that are high in Vitamin C and D will help strengthen your immune system as well. 

Foods with high Vitamin C levels include: Potatoes, Strawberries, Mangoes, Bell Peppers, Pineapples, and Oranges. Foods and drinks with high levels of Vitamin D include Eggs, Salmon, Yogurt and Milk. 


Other tips

Some other handy tips to help you through this Spring Madness are:

Making sure to wash your hair frequently to clear pollen from hair follicles. 

Changing air filters frequently and cleaning frequently to clear dust from your home.

Purchasing anti-allergy pillowcases and sheets from Amazon, Walmart, or Target for less than $15, have been proven to reduce exposure to dust mites as well. 

If you’re coming down with sinuses, congestion, or anything else in the air, let’s learn from our past with COVID-19, and wear a mask!