Student Council will participate in Battle of Flowers parade on San Antonio’s 300th year

Raven Gatson

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Every year, San Antonio participates and shows off their elaborate floats to honor Battle of the Flowers. It also celebrates San Antonio’s long-standing history as a city.

This year, the school participated as they usually do every four years. What makes this year special is that the City of San Antonio is celebrating its 300th anniversary since being officially established in 1718.

The opportunity of being picked comes with a personalized float made for each group and the opportunity for students and others to see the city through a different lens.

“I feel like it’s an amazing opportunity for our students and our school to be a part of San Antonio’s rich cultural history. And our students that are participating will remember it for years to come,” student council sponsor Ms. Brianna Merchant said.

The parade is also broadcasted on local news stations and in other parts of the country, making the event even more special. It gives student council and other organizations a chance to represent the school.

“It’s an honor to represent Judson in such a fun way. This is something that I will cherish forever when I look back on it,” senior Melanie Putnam said.

When it comes to celebrating the city and showing respect to the battle itself, what more can people ask for.

“I’m very excited to have the privilege of being on the float with my amazing student council officers and taking part of a tradition that’s been a part of San Antonio for a very long time,” president Mark Martinez said.