Students should pay more attention to the 2016 Presidential Election

7537942_GIt’s no secret that all over the country, adults are eagerly anticipating the 2016 Presidential Election. However, young adults tend to pay less attention to these affairs despite them being on Twitter’s trending topic list.

Even though most adolescents aren’t able to vote, it’s important to increase their knowledge on certain parties and their ideals so when the time comes for them to exercise this important freedom, they can make uniform and mature decisions.

Although, before anyone can identify and pinpoint what ideals to support or even begin to scrounge through the various candidates that advertise themselves every four years, they must be aware of the people fighting for their vote.

As of now, numerous politicians, doctors, businessmen and women have announced their decision to run for president. Up to this very moment, six bold candidates have managed to put themselves on the map.

For instance, on April 12, 2015, former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, announced she would be running for president in 2016. Beloved among working class women, she believes immigrants should be given a path to legal status, wants to cut middle class taxes by closing corporate loopholes, and plans to continue and improve the Affordable Healthcare Act, or Obamacare. According to, she places first as the most popular presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

Democratic Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator of Vermont, disclosed his running for the presidency on May 26, 2015. In office, he plans to raise minimum wage to fifteen dollars, tax billionaires to fund what could be free public university, and is against war with Iran. Attractive among liberals, Sanders ranks as the second most nominated presidential candidate for the Democratic Party.

Former Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley declared he was running for president in 2016, on May 30, 2015. This democrat thinks abortion should be legal with zero restrictions, all members of the LGBT community should be treated equally, and that all assault weapons should be banned. Receiving lots of support from Americans of color, he has positioned himself as the third most cherished candidate on the polls for the Democratic Party.

Donald Trump, President of the Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts, shocked America when he revealed he would be running for president in 2016. Trump is extremely pro-life, opposes gun control but believes some assault weapons should be banned, and wants to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. Celebrated among middle-class men, he has topped the polls as the #1 most prominent presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

Republican Benjamin “Ben” Carson, Sr. informed the nation he would be running for president on May 30, 2015. The former neurosurgeon believes that educational system should be run by parents, teachers and principals; marijuana should only be legal for medical use, not recreational; and the police should be equipped with body cameras for safety purposes. Famous among Christians, he has boosted himself the polls to the second most nominated Republican presidential candidate.

Lastly, on June 15, 2015, Former Governor of Florida, John Ellis “Jeb” Bush, confirmed he would be running for president in 2016. This dedicated Republican believes gay rights and feminism are “modern victim movements,” religion should be introduced into public schools and that stricter punishments for criminals will help to reduce crime. Looked upon favorably by religious conservatives, he sits third place on the nomination polls for the Republican Party.

According to, there are 37 declared Republicans candidates for the 2016 Presidential seat.

Adolescents and adults alike must recognize that if they desire change, that they must take action. Even though none of us are in the oval office, we have the ability to choose who will be. In all, by doing our part and getting to know and voting for the people who are courageous enough to take a chance and attempt to lead this great nation, we can help steer America towards a brighter future.