Students start a new tradition: Senior Sunrise


Saying goodbye to the past four years of your life can be emotional. But that’s exactly why you take every moment you can to have fun.

On Monday, May 20, Senior Sunrise began its first year of tradition. All the seniors gathered on the football field, with the sentiment of watching one last sunrise together over Judson High School.

It is the hope that the event will become an annual thing, with seniors getting together at the beginning and end of each year. Together, they will watch a sunrise and sunset, enjoying the company of their friends.

“I liked how everyone got up in the morning. It was a really nice form of unification for everyone before we leave,” senior Tejas Fruean said.

Given how early the activity is set, doubt was held for how many people would show up. However, plenty of students showed up, wearing their individually decorated crowns.

“Seniors will be allowed to come back the last week of school on Thursday to give the crown to a junior. It’s like a passing on kind of thing,” junior Madalynn Lambert.

The rest of the week is full of events that will lead to the long-awaited graduation. All of them give the students the chance to hang out and say goodbye to their friend, and the memories they created.