Ten great Secret Santa gifts for under $10


During the holiday some sort of gift exchange with your loved ones or friends is bound to happen. Here are ten Secret Santa gifts that fall under a ten-dollar budget that is guaranteed to help you out and help you save money during the holiday season. 

1 Christmas Blanket

Who wouldn’t love a cozy blanket for this cold winter holiday weather? A Christmas blanket would be a great gift idea to get your friends or your loved ones so they can stay toasty. You can purchase a Christmas blanket at your local Walmart for $8.99. https://www.walmart.com/ip/XINSHIDE-Christmas-Hugging-Blanket-Is-For-Sofas-Beds-Blankets-Soft-Plush-Lightweight-Christmas-Gifts/1940022934

2 Fuzzy Holiday Socks 

Holiday socks are a great way to insure that your loved or friends stay healthy and keep warm. You can find fuzzy holiday socks at any local Walmart for $8.96. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Aerosoles-Women-s-Marled-Chunky-Knit-Bootie-Socks/490986665

3 Phone case

Although many people already have phone cases it never hurts to get them a brand new one. A phone case is a good way to ensure that there phone will be secured and be ready to capture those unforgettable moments. You can purchase a phone case at any local Walmart for $7.96. https://www.walmart.com/ip/iPhone-11-Case-2019-Shockproof-Clear-Case-with-Soft-TPU-Bumper-Cover-Case-for-iPhone-11-6-1-inch/522636284

4 Croc Jibbitz

Design your friends or loved ones’ Crocs with the fun Christmas jibbit collection. Crocs has a variety of different Christmas jibbitz for this holiday season at a small price of $4.99. You can purchase any christmas jibbitz at any local Crocs store. https://www.crocs.com/p/10008402.html?cgid=gift-guide&cid=001#q=christmas&start=18

5 Scented Candles 

We all know we love the smell of those cinnamon candles that lights you in the Christmas spirit. 

There are many different scented candles you can get your loved ones or friends that will put them in the Christmas spirit for $7.44. You can find scented candles at any local Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Bear-Wrapped-3-Wicked-Scented-Country-Holiday-Christmas-Holiday-Candle-14-Ounce/919412653?athbdg=L1100

6 Board Games

Through this Christmas season we all spend time with our family and friends. Board games are a great way to have fun and enjoy the Holidays with those families or friends. You can find fun and kid friendly board games at any local Walmart listed at prices between $7.88 – $9.97.


7 Airpod Case Covers 

Bless your loved ones’ airpod case or your friend’s case with nice decorative airpod case covers. There are many different case covers for protection or just for the look. Majority of the cases at any local Walmart fall under the ten dollar budget. For example here’s one… https://www.walmart.com/ip/Airpods-Case-Silicone-1st-Fur-Ball-Njjex-Cute-AirPods-Silicon-Accessories-Gold-Keychain-Skin-Pompom-Front-LED-Visible-Green/826361463

8 Reusable Water bottle

Make sure your loved ones or friends stay hydrated during the holidays by purchasing a reusable waterbottle that comes in four different colors. You can find a reusable water bottle at any local Walmart for $7.92. https://www.walmart.com/ip/SPRING-PARK-600ml-Water-Bottle-Leakproof-Reusable-Plastic-Large-Sports-Bottles-Filter-Eco-Friendly-Kids-School-Fitness-Bike-Camping-Hiking

9 Scented Lotions 

Help your loved ones or friends stay moisturized with different scented lotions that also help them smell nice and fresh. Scented lotions are a top tier gift only because smelling fresh is the best. Scented lotions are listed at a price of $8.34 at any local Walmart. https://www.walmart.com/ip/LYU-Natural-Plant-Essence-Nourishing-Hand-Cream-Moisturizing-Scented-Skin-Lotion/995719783

10 Gift Card

Although some may say that getting someone a gift card is “lazy” or the “easy way out” but for some people it’s hard to find that one person a gift. A $10 gift card can never go wrong for an easy quick gift especially if time is an issue. You can purchase a $10 gift card at any local gas stations or grocery store. 

We all love the holidays and the joy we bring to our families and friends especially when we give gifts and receive gifts. Happy Holidays from The Fuel! We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.