The affects of technology ruining the human relationship

The advancement of technology certainly has its pros and cons. Although technology might also connect us with many different cultures, trends, and beliefs, it also detaches us from the true meaning of communication. Long afternoons outside playing until the street lights switched on became binge watching Netflix until 3am. Technology detaches people from how great it could be to actually have physical activity, rather than worrying about how active someone’s timeline is or if they’re active “followers,” spamming with “likes,” “favorites” and “hearts”.

Technology has driven America to numerous and outstanding revolutions, accomplishments and of course, advancements. Since the 1900’s, technology is what has molded the modern world to what it has become to be.

Not all technology is bad. In fact, without modern technology, this world would not be able to save lives, cure diseases, mass produce and even mass communicate.

However, due to this fact, the question arises – do we overuse technology?

We have computers, phones, gadgets and especially Google, helping us out with many daily routines. Now what would society be without them? And is technology taking over our social lives?

Technology has led many bad habits, such as “Hold on, I know this conversation is important but I just got a text message.” And “Sorry I just crashed into your car. I had to send ‘LOL’ to my best friend.” These habits have undoubtedly ruined friendships, communication and sadly even the lives of many drivers and their families.

Despite the educational pros technology provides, it also has its cons. With most important disadvantage being is the ability to distract. It is no secret that more than 80% of teenagers and adults use social media in 2015. In fact, in the common educational setting, it has become a constant habit for most kids to check their phones every so often to send pictures through Snapchat, check social sites and occasionally send texts. Aside from social media, it is now become easier for a student to check search engine sites, instead of actually using their brains.

Unfortunately, to this fact, teenagers tend to forget that not all sites they check are credible and correct, thus causing flawed reports and lowered grades. Wikipedia, for example, is practically infamous for being able to post false and uncredited information.

Technology has the potential to empower learning. Yet, with a cause, there is always an effect. We risk that it will overpower the human race as we know it to be.

Concluding all of these factors, a YouTube channel by the name of “VideoShredHead” released a video by the name of “Did you know?” This emotion triggered video captured the hearts of many. It expressed how the world was changing exponentially in the year 2012 and how it will affect our children and new generations. This video contains facts, scarier than anything paranormal, the actual truth.

The video starts out with a staggering rhetorical question, “Did you know” and leads into facts such as, “China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world.”

“Facebook is now available in more than 70 languages.”

“Today the number of texts sent and received everyday exceeds the total population of the planet.”

What does it all mean?

As we watch the world fall into a society with no more demand for human workers, less need for transportation, less need for education, schools and human labor. Our global economy is being changed into jobs that have become obtained with artificial intelligence. Drifting into a time where the most valuable natural resource will simply be… water.