Tyrone Newman talks about mindset and the end of his last high school season


Photo By: Rebeca Rivera

Through adversity, it takes a strong mindset to play for the legendary Judson Rocket football program.  With injuries and hardships, as well as the loss of loved ones, Senior Tyrone Newman has shown that with the right work ethic and a positive mindset, you can overcome any obstacle put in front of you. 

Senior Tyrone Newman has been playing football all his life, and it’s something that he’s had much success with. From a three-year varsity letter to Offensive MVP against Hutto High School, to earning an offer from a collegiate program, the success just kept pouring in. However, with success often comes hardships. Newman had just recovered most of the way from a torn ACL injury, only to suffer the same injury in the second to last district game of his senior season against Steele High School recently on the opposite leg. With this injury, he will be out for the rest of the playoffs as well as the last district game of his high school career. 

“Man it sucked really. I put so much time and effort into physical therapy, and finally being able to come back and play after a whole summer of working back up to where I was at. I was ready to play and I was set to finish off my senior season with great numbers, but now I can’t even suit up.” 

Suffering a season-ending injury is one of the most daunting tasks an athlete ever has to go through. Especially when you just missed some of your junior season and most of the summer rehabilitating, trying to get back to 100%. However, once you’ve gotten a hold of your emotions, your mindset changes with growth. 

“One thing that I am big on is believing in God. God always has a plan for me and it isn’t always the clearest path, but I know that he will always lead me down the right path no matter what has been thrown at me. I just tend to keep a positive attitude in hopes of it all coming together soon.”

One thing that Newman has used in his life is football. Football has always been his escape from his own emotions. He has always reverted to getting stronger, playing better, and practicing with his teammates. 

“Football means everything to me. I started off playing with the six year olds when I was four years old and ever since then it’s just been my peace. I use football when I’m happy, or angry, or sad or any other emotion in between. “

With playoffs approaching, Newman is set to miss the rest of the season as well as senior year, but he will be on the sideline cheering on his team as they try and advance to as many rounds as they can.