Volleyball beats Wager in annual Dig Pink game

Volleyball ended their season with a 11-27 record, 6th in district.

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September 21, 2021

Photo By: Logan Dominguez

The Lady Rockets celebrate their win against Wagner in the annual Dig Pink game.

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the Lady Rockets took on the Wagner Thunderbirds during their annual Dig Pink/senior night game.

The Lady Rockets started off the first set of the game strong. A setup from sophomore Marina Ramos led to a kill from senior Alexis Walker, which gave the Lady Rockets the first point of the game. The Lady Rockets continued with a great kill from junior Oliva Rubio, giving the Lady Rockets an early lead. Even with the lead, the Thunderbirds stayed tight with Rockets, tying the set and eventually taking the lead, 10-9. The Lady Rockets pulled ahead 17-12 after consecutive kills from Walker and senior Peyton Roper. Then, they went on to lose the lead from minor mistakes, which led to Wagner tying up the game, 17-17. Keeping the morale high and the momentum strong, the Lady Rockets had a good rally, which was ended by junior Saryah Washington, who made an amazing kill, bringing the score to 19-17. The Lady Rockets ended up losing the first set, 20-25.

The second set started with the Thunderbirds taking the first point. With the game being tight, the Lady Rockets put up a good fight, with a set from junior Isis Rodriguez to Rubio, which brought the Lady Rockets to lead the set with an outstanding kill. After the kill was made, the Thunderbirds couldn’t seem to answer back. The Thunderbirds continued to keep the competition and energy up, but the Lady Rockets performed to their highest, giving them room to pull ahead. The Lady Rockets and Thunderbirds stayed close at the beginning of the second set. 

With a sudden turning point in the game, the Lady Rockets started to pull ahead with a kill from Walker, letting the Lady Rockets take the lead 13-9, causing the Thunderbirds to call a timeout. Ramos set up Roper for a kill to give the Lady Rockets a huge lead to win the set, which brought the score 20-9. After losing the first set, the Lady Rockets made a comeback, 25-12, tying the game. 1-1.

The Lady Rockets started the third set strong with a kill from Roper. The Thunderbirds couldn’t answer back. Followed by another kill from Washington, the team’s momentum and energy continued to elevate. The Lady Rockets took the lead early in the third, 4-1. The third set was slow in comparison to the previous first two sets, with the Lady Rockets holding a consistent lead, winning the third set 25-20 making it 2-1.

Wagner took the first point of the fourth set, but the Lady Rockets quickly took the lead 3-1, from Walker who made a strong block. The Lady Rockets continued to prove their talent in comparison to the Thunderbirds, as they gave consecutive kills to the Thunderbirds from all corners of the court. The fourth set went by quickly, with the Lady Rockets taking the lead early and holding it for the remainder of the set. With amazing kills from Walker and Roper, and saves made by senior Madalynne Thornton, the Lady Rockets won the game 25-21 in four sets.

Volleyball ended their season with an 11-27 record, 6th in district.

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