Volleyball falls to Harlandale


Photo By: Bri Dexter

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022,  The Lady Rockets(7-19) faced off against the Harlandale Indians (10-4) in a non-district game.

The first set started with back-and-forth scores from both teams until #9 from Harlandale had constant kills and that led Harlandale to get up 7-3. The Lady Rockets started battling their way back into the game until Harlandale started serving. The Lady Rockets had a lot of miscommunication and lots of doubling. Harlandale then started to pull away until junior Marina Ramos set it up to freshman Charli Harvin for the kill. The Lady Rockets never let up, but the Indians kept up consistent pressure and ended up taking the set 11-25.

After falling in the first set, the Rockets were up in the second set 2-1, until one of Harlandale’s players tipped the ball, causing the Rockets to lose the ball. Shortly after, the Indians went on a run, scoring four serves in a row until the score was 6-12 for the Indians. Crucial mistakes by the Lady Rockets such as miscommunication and out-of-bounds hits were causing them to fall behind in this set. The Indians and the Rockets were hitting it back and forth until freshman Harvin blocked the kill, giving hope to the Lady Rockets, but the missed hits and the miscommunication caused the Rockets to fall in this set as well, 25-10.

Starting the third set, the Rockets started with a lot of momentum, getting an early 2-0 lead. But after the Rockets had a miss-hit, the Indians capitalized on the error. After a few good hits from both teams, sophomore Aysia Pettit got an aggressive kill, giving the Rockets life the score was 7-12 Indians, this game consisted of small mental errors and ball handling issues, but the Lady Rockets were consistent with their energy and played hard the entire game. However, this game did not go in their favor as the Indians kept the momentum and finished the game with a score of 25-12.