Volleyball falls to San Marcos

On Friday, September 30, 2022, The Lady Rockets (8-26) faced off against the San Marcos Rattlers (20-13) in their 3rd district game.

The first set started with San Marcos scoring the first three points. The Lady Rockets answered back with points of their own but followed by two back to back net balls and two great kills from Senior Sa’Ryah Washington which tied the score 6-6. San Marcos played good defense and their own number two got two good kills in a row making the score 6-9 leading to a recharge timeout by the Rockets. Coming out of the timeout the Rockets got a good ace out of Freshman Charli Harvin then some good shots by San Marcos making the score 9-14. The set was stretched out by lots of free balls, some good offense by San Marcos. Another kill down the middle by Washington and an ace by Junior Marina Ramos ended the set 14-25 San Marcos.

To start the second set San Marcos went on a 6-0 run due to miscues but great hustle by Isis Rodriguez setting up for a back line kill by Senior Gia Booth making the score 2-8. Booth gets another kill followed by a great swing and kill by Washington making the score 5-15. San Marcos plays great offense once again with back and forth points scored and the set ends with a block by Senior Olivia Rubio which makes the score 12-25 San Marcos.

The third set started with a great stuff block by Booth, and an ace by Rodriguez to give the Rockets the lead 5-4. There were a lot of back and forth scores but then Rubio gets a tip kill followed by three more kills by Washington and Sophomore Destiny Mathis to maintain the Rocket lead 12-11. Washington gets 2 more kills which lead to an ace by Rubio making the score 16-15 Rockets. The rest of the set was evenly matched with points being scored when Sophomore Jalynn Gonzalez got a tying point ace to make the score 23-23. Although the Lady Rockets fought hard they fell short losing the final set 26-24 San Marcos.