We believe in Rocket Pride!


Photo By: Rebeca Rivera


This is the number of students currently enrolled at Judson High School.

Out of this colossal number, thirty-three students were chosen to be recipients of this quarter’s Rocket Pride Awards. 

On Friday, October 21 2022, the Rocket Pride Awards was hosted in the library during B, C, and D lunch by U.S Government teacher Aaron King, along with Principal Richard Mendoza. 

Founded by former Judson teacher Ms. Keane-Dawes, this ceremony was an annual event for over seven years. 

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic COVID-19, the ceremony was on hiatus to protect our students and staff. 

As fears of COVID subsided, this ceremony was brought back by Mr. King! 

The library was decorated with white and red tablecloths along with gold sequins to set the tone, courtesy of Judson’s Student Council Advisers.  

The ceremony began with an enthusiastic welcome from Mr. King along with a lunch, sponsored by Chick-fil-A. 

As students enjoyed their meal, King opened up with a congratulations, along with background knowledge on the Rocket Pride Awards. 

“Each nine weeks, we ask staff to nominate students who they have seen or heard exhibiting Rocket Pride,” said Mr. King. “The categories are Improved Grades, Improved Behavior, School Spirit, and, Selflessness and Service” he said. 

After a few words of recognition from Mr. King, the room was filled with applause to honor the students who contribute to the campus with their immense amount of Rocket Pride. 

Before congratulating and awarding the nominees, Principal Mendoza took the time to recognize the staff who demonstrate Rocket Pride as well. 

“I wanted to add to the Student Rocket Pride Awards because we have educators and staff members that work very, very hard,” said Mendoza. 

The following teachers were nominated by Admin and Department chairs for Exhibiting Rocket Pride in the classroom and on campus: 

English teacher, Ms. Robinson 

U.S Government teacher, Mr. King  

Principle of Health Science, Ms. Brown 

Wrestling and Football, Coach Teague 

Math teacher, Ms. Barragan 

Music theory and Orchestra teacher Mr. Stephens 

Basketball, Coach Martinez. 

“Oftentimes we focus on the negative and we never see the positive of what our kids, our teachers and our community does,” said Mr. Mendoza. “It’s important that these people get recognized for the positive, because we live in a negative world.”

Next, the student nominees were presented by Principal Mendoza. One by one they were rewarded their prize. 

Receiving the Selflessness & Service Award: 

Aaron Morgan, Selma Aguilar, Melissa Garcia, Amaya Mitchell, Chastity McCoy, Christofer Martinez-Daviz, Dalia Herrera, and Dulce Diaz Gomez. 

“It feels good to receive this award because since I don’t know much English, it’s hard for me to win anything,” Junior Dulce Diaz Gomez said. 

Next, the award for Improved Grades: 

Lawrence Gustave, Zaadiyah Stovall, Melissa Morin, Leneya Campbell, Sofia Perez, Janiyah Bogart and Julian Samaniego. 

Receiving the Positive Attitude Award: 

Maria Bernhardt, Kwabena Bekoe, Marcellus Hunt, Milaylee Puckett, Karysma Sanchez, Paradise Mclemore, Kaelyn Moore, Gabriel Montero, Samantha Zapata, Mint Alvarado and Jairo Zuniga. 

Jai Constant received an award for Improved Behavior.

Lastly, receiving the School Spirit Award: 

Madison Robinson-Bee, Baby Girl Holliday, Liz Bartlett, Makayla Duncan, Elijah Leijah and Alyssa Keene. 

“I feel really good about getting this award because I feel like all my hard work is being noticed,” Senior Alyssa Keene said. 

The ceremony concluded with a round of applause and closing remarks from Principal Mendoza. 

“I want to tell you guys thank you for demonstrating Rocket Pride. It’s not just a saying on a paper, it’s who we are. It’s what Judson High School was built on all those years ago,” Mendoza said. 

“We are all from different backgrounds, communities and different walks of life, but that is what makes us the Judson Rockets. There’s only one, and I’m grateful to be the principal of you all,” Mendoza said.

The Rocket Pride Awards will continue to be held every quarter to recognize the next set of outstanding students and staff.