We must embrace the things that make us different


The human race is amazing and unique in various ways. We are classified by race, religion, class, gender, sexuality and the way we express ourselves through our life styles.

Regardless of where we come from, who we are or what we believe in, we all share one common thing: the need to feel happy and content. Despite the differences, our struggles and aspirations unite us.

In every culture, there are certain sets of social standards which humans interact nonverbally and verbally. For example, in America, direct eye contact and the demonstration of body language is highly praised, whereas in other regions, eye contact and direct interaction may be found disrespectful and repulsive.

In America, we have the tendency to assume that those who differ from our cultural norms are peculiar and unsound. However, many fail to see that diversity is what America was founded on.

Many cultures believe that Americans are wired to single out, judge, and cause discomfort to those who appear different from us. Many fail to understand that an individual’s appearance, religion, or lifestyle, despite being different from their own, does not make them better than another person.

The differences in one another are what has inspired the growth of America. Diversity ties the world together – culturally and economically.

Accepting others differences can proved to be difficult, as it can clash with an individual’s religions and/or philosophy. However, it’s important that although we may not agree with the actions of the said “offender,” we must learn to break free from judgement, within reason of course.