Where’s the Rocket Pride?

Students need to step up their school spirit?

Some people may think that Rocket Pride is just about wearing the school colors. However, school pride is a gateway that may lead us to believe in something bigger than ourselves. Pride can be extremely contagious, but it’s more than wearing school colors and randomly screaming “Go Rockets.” School pride comes from within.

It’s no secret that the 2015-2016 school year has a shortage of Rocket Pride. With the football season coming to an end, which traditionally exhibits the most school pride, it is a shame to say that students did not reach their spirit potential during the season.

The Launch Pad, created by the 2015 seniors, is long gone. Since no current senior stepped up to keep the legacy going, it has fallen and the football stands have not felt the raging student atmosphere that it once had.

Students need to step up.

Many people walk up and down the stairs of the H wing. If they would look closely, the stairs are decorated with the alma mater. Many may not take the time to actually read the words. With the exception of students in spirit organizations who are required to memorize it, the words to our alma mater remain unknown to many.

If all we know is “To the sky…”, what does that say about us?

Due to having only four home games, pep rallies were scarce. The dance teams, step team, cheer, and the band always showcase their talents. We cheer to show support to all our organizations.

In an effort to increase spirit, Principal Jesus Hernandez III implemented a game system at the pep rallies so students would be motivated to cheer and get hyped up for that week’s football game. This was a great idea, but should we really need points to motivate us to cheer on our school, when in reality, we should just do it.

Despite the efforts, we, as students still did not maximize our Rocket Pride during these rallies. Students have been seen leaving during what is really the most important time, our alma mater. It’s saddening.

Judson is more than just our school, it is our home and we should treat it like one. We, as students, need to take more pride in our school. We need to show spirit at the pep rallies. We need to know our alma matter, and not disrespect it. All of these three small things can add up to experience what Rocket Pride has become known for.