Women are making history


Just a day after Inauguration Day, men and women of all colors, cultures, and lifestyles flooded the streets of cities all over the world by enforcing their gratitude for women with each witty poster held and every street corner turned.

The Women’s March was planned by numerous people, but first brought up by Teresa Shook, a retired attorney in Hawaii, that knew that after Inauguration Day, a lot would change all around the national… in a negative way.

After shockingly finding out who won presidency, Shook knew she needed to take action. She took it to Facebook and set up an event page for a march in Washington. In the next 24 hours, she had gotten tons of positive feedback.

The march took place on January 21, 2017, and had a great turn out, not only in Washington but in other states and outside of the United States.

Though the march is over, the movement did not stop there. Since that march, others have been gathered for more walks covering the topics of borders and religion bans. They have also formed a campaign called “10 actions/ 100 days,” the first hundred days of the presidential elect in office 10 actions will be taken place.

Two actions have been released so far. The first action is sending a postcard to your senator telling what matters most to you. The second action is on the first ten days of February neighborhoods all over will come together to discuss new actions.

As many would label the movement as “stupid” or “too late,” considering the new president is already in office, what they don’t understand is this goes beyond coming together to demand what women deserve or going against someone for their ignorance.

People of all backgrounds are coming together for one purpose, with all the same morals. That’s what makes this not only beautifully approached, but a historical one.