Young people should embrace their ability to vote


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November 5, 2019 was Election Day for many states. Next year is an Election Year for the Presidency, with many Rockets being able to vote for the first time.

At the beginning of November, I can’t help but think of the fact that my birthday is quickly approaching.

Yet, I am burdened with the thought of presidential elections just under a year away. While many of my classmates are dreading the responsibility of voting, I am sulking in the fact that elections fall on November 3, 2020, five days before my 18th birthday.  

Many individuals I know have absolutely no desire to vote in the upcoming elections, nor have they cared enough to watch and pay attention to the things that affect their own lives. I have had to keep up to date on the current election runnings for the speaking team I am apart of and have begun to create my own opinions of the candidates. I know how important this election is to the future of our nation, but I am unfortunately unable to take part in it. 

From what I have gathered, many young, voting aged individuals do not feel the need to vote, or will only vote along party lines based on the political views their parents passed onto them. This isn’t to say that all young individuals do not form their own opinions, but the vast majority of youngsters only know what their parents have told them to think. 

I have had the obligation to follow the political happenings of today and be able to form my own personal opinions about the issues plaguing America. But, I have absolutely no power to act on these opinions.

I have a large desire to vote and to have a voice in my country’s future, so the indifferent attitudes of my peers are completely unfathomable. 

The argument that drives this indifference is the sentiment that a single vote doesn’t matter. Though this may be true for one vote, when hundreds of individuals believe this same sentiment, there is a much greater impact on the entire system.

Participating in elections gives each citizen a voice. But even more, it allows each individual the opportunity to gain experience in forming their own political views. Voters must know what the different candidates believe and advocate for. This provides young individuals a way to express their political views in a safe environment, apart from the judgment of family and friends. 

Take it from someone who can’t vote for another five years – your voice matters. Not only does voting give you the opportunity to impact your nation’s future, but to form your own view of our society.