Young Republicans have a voice too

Donald Trump is well considered one of the most controversial presidents in this great country’s history. Along with him and his posse of the ever-hungry press comes an army of supporters, which include me.

To clarify, I agree with most of the policies that President Trump has and seeks to implement. I’m sure you’re practically dying to hear why in the world I would support a “controversial” president.

The short answer – I believe he speaks for those of us who don’t have a voice on what seems to be an ocean of blue. I agree with the words of Charlie Kirk: “America is the greatest country to ever exist, the Constitution is the greatest political document ever written, and free enterprise capitalism is the most moral, proven and effective economic system to have ever been discovered.”

The openness of my political opinions often comes with a mountain of backlash from a wide range of people. It seems as though it’s a constant hit or miss as to how a person will react when they hear that I am a Republican.

That being said, not every encounter I have is negative. In fact, more often than not, people will keep their cool and simply ask, “Why?” Not only does it allow me to explain my views before any labels are permanently glued to my name, but it also shows a genuine interest in other’s opinions and proves that there are still open-minded people left in the world.

With that, I feel as though I must clarify; not every Trump supporter is a racist, homophobe, etc., etc., etc. Yes, while there may be some terrible people on the Republican side, it must be recognized that there are also radical Democrats. Regardless of who or what you support, no hate group or act of hatred should ever be excused. All it does is cause more division between two parties whom I feel are often blind to the possibilities of another opinion. 

Nobody should ever feel like they have to hide their political opinions in fear of persecution. You should be proud of who you are and embrace your beliefs. Regardless of what anyone says, it’s never shameful to be proud of your heritage, religion, culture, traditions, and your country.