Young voters need to be the change they wish to see in the world

The current political state is one that has become more influenced by the younger generations, especially those that can vote. Issues such as equality, gun control, and student-debt have lit a fire in millennials.

Especially in the last midterm elections, something of a voting revolution was sparked in young voters. They became more vocal and involved than other generations were years ago.

The Atlantic writes that in the 18-29-year-old age category, “more than 3.3 million voters from that group cast their votes early. That’s a 188% increase from 2014,” according to TargetSmart.

That 188% is obviously quite the leap. So, it can be noticed that things are changing within our young adult generation. A lot has improved, but there is still room for even more improvement since there are still people in that generation who do not plan on contributing their vote at all.

Young Americans need to vote whenever they are able to because their vote means just as much as the vote of someone who is older. It can make a difference.

As we have gotten older, we have learned to notice the effect our government has on our nation and general way of life. There are many people who do not agree with decisions or are not satisfied with the current state of the government. Instead of complaining about what they do not like and what they wish would happen, young voters need to make sure they are voting every chance they get, whether it is for school board members or the President of the United States.

American politician Christine Todd Whitman said, “voting is the only way to make a change in a democracy.”

One vote may not make that difference, but if enough people start to believe that their one vote matters, then that could start adding up to tens, then hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands, and so far as to becoming the difference that the candidate or cause may need. In Texas, the difference in the 2018 Senate race between the Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke was only 219,427 votes. Florida’s was even slimmer, with 10,033 votes separating the parties in the governor’s race.

No matter what your political stance is, vote to support your views and opinions. Vote to make the nation you live in, a nation you want to live in. Are the results guaranteed to come out the way you want them to? No, of course not. But you would not be able to say you did not try.

Because of how young we are, we have much more time to begin to bring change into politics. With all of the time and effort we could utilize, we could see a great difference be made in our lifetime. Voting could bring that change about, even if it takes multiple polls being held over the years.

The possibility that things could become something you want them to is more than enough reason to take up the advantage of being able to vote.

There have also been people in history, especially women and people of color, who protested, advocated, and suffered harassment and abuse to give so many the right to vote. If you connect to these efforts, do not let them go to waste. If you are not sure if you want to vote, think about who fought for you to have the right to.

Thankfully, America is a country that lets most of its citizens have a voice in government elections. We cannot take this voice for granted. Take the right and use it as soon as you can, because one little check in a box can make all the difference for the future.