A sit down with Dr. Jeanette Ball, new superintendent of Judson ISD


Photo By: Madalynn Lambert

The Fuel interviews Dr. Jeanette Ball about her position as the new JISD Superintendent. She is the first ever female superintendent for JISD.

On Monday, August 27, Dr. Jeanette Ball came to Judson High School for an interview with The Fuel to discuss her new role in the district.

Ball sat down with junior Alexandra Villanueva and junior Madalynn Lambert and spoke about how she felt in her new job and responsibilities.

“A normal schedule [for me] really just involves problem-solving. Today, my phone started to go off at about five in the morning and it was to let me know that some of the air conditions were down. Then, we also had a staff member that was involved in a car accident and then there was another campus that did not have any phone service. So, it usually starts pretty early and it never really ends,” Ball said.

Ball is the first female superintendent for the Judson school district and she is happy to hold that spot in our history.

“There was a lady by the name of Dr. Velma Viegas. She was the first female superintendent that I ever knew. Most of the superintendents that I knew were men,” Ball said. “I was so excited to see a female superintendent and I thought, ‘Okay, maybe it is going to be a possibility and my dream will be able to come true.’”

Many people think that a superintendent’s job is about paperwork and phone calls and emails. While that is part of it, Ball is also interested in being interactive with the schools and students.

“My interactions with the students is [my favorite thing]. I like to sometimes pop into the cafeteria and have lunch with the students – if they’ll let me eat with them. I like to just talk to them and hear from them, and just [try to] make a positive change,” Ball said.

While Ball loves her job, she also loves going home and spending time with her family.

“I love to spend time with my nieces and nephew. My husband and I have been married for 17 years. We do not have any kids but we adore our nieces and nephews. That’s what we do for fun. We love to hang out with them and take them to the park, take them swimming. We love being with them,” Ball said.

The title of superintendent can seem a little scary to everyone because of how official it sounds. However, that does not mean you can’t talk to them about it and voice your opinion. In fact, Dr. Ball wants to invite you in to do exactly that.

“I’m a human being. I bleed and cry like everyone else. And I’m approachable. So, I want students to know that they can approach me. They can talk to me just like they would anybody else. Just because I have the title of superintendent, I’m still a regular human being that just wants to be able to make a difference and to help people,” Ball said.

Ball has many ideas for the students: to encourage them, to explore their options throughout this school year. She has so much motivation to help our district grow and thrive and can’t wait to get things moving.