Mr. De La Cruz joins award winning band program

After losing an assistant band director last year, Mr. Luis De La Cruz stepped in as one of the new directors for the massive band this year.

“I can not wait to see what happens this year,” De La Cruz said.

De La Cruz graduated from Texas State University, where he received his Bachelors in Music Education with an emphasis in Jazz Studies. While in college, he played saxophone in various ensembles including the symphony band, wind ensemble, jazz orchestra and jazz ensemble. He also served as saxophone section leader for two years in the Bobcat Marching Band.

“It was a great experience. Every group [I participated in] has a different personality so it is very interesting to see all of them in each section,” De La Cruz said.

De La Cruz is in his eighth year of teaching and previously taught at McCollum High School. There, he assisted the marching band in receiving first division ratings at UIL and the symphonic band received the sweepstakes award at the UIL concert and sight-reading contest.

“It was definitely a rewarding experience. The kids were not used to getting [such high scores] and I loved seeing how happy they were with their success,” De La Cruz said.

De La Cruz is tremendously excited to have this chance to work with the band and help them succeed every day. With his background experience in woodwind instruments and jazz, he is looking forward to enhance those aspects of the band.

“I have seen the band perform with such great promise,” De La Cruz said. “I just wanted to be a part of making that happen every time.”

Throughout the weeks that De La Cruz has been here, he has noticed many positive things about the band, both in music and other areas, that makes him even more delighted to be here.

“There are so many unique personalities and in the time I have been here. I have seen how they all have the opportunity to bond,” De La Cruz said.

The students in the band have said great things about their new teacher and his personality.

“He is very relatable and understanding for everyone, while still making our progress very efficient. He is very radiant, but still gets everything done,” sophomore Gabriella Flores said.

It looks like De La Cruz is getting well acquainted. He is certainly on his way to do great things with the marching band.