District putting on Summer Fine Arts Academy


Photo By: Monste Reyes

The Judson theater program is celebrating their award from KSAT’s ‘Cool Schools’ contest. Theater will be the major role in the JISD FIne Art Academy this summer.

On Jan 23, The Fuel sat down with Ms. Linda Adami to discuss a program she is bringing to the Judson Independent School District. Over the summer, Adami will be helping build a Summer Fine Arts Academy for students in grades four through twelve.

She created the program to expose kids to fine arts early. The only time some students may get a chance to experience a fine arts program is in high school, which by then is usually too late.  This summer program would allow students to try their hand in the arts, particularly theater.

“[Students] don’t necessarily need to have any experience with this. That’s what we’re about – giving them that experience,” Adami said.

The show that the kids would be preparing for is Peter Pan Jr. Auditions are on May 28 in the Judson Performing Arts Center. However, registration is due on April 19 and only 100 kids will be accepted to perform. For those who audition, a one-minute song, a 16-count dance, and one-minute monologue will need to be prepared. Those who qualify for callbacks will return on May 29.

“It depends on how many students we get that signup. We’re hoping to have a hundred students in the cast. If we get a hundred twenty kids, we’ll probably keep all them and find a place for them,” Adami said.

There is another option to take rather than being on stage. There are jobs open for people who prefer being behind the scenes, including lighting, sound, costume design, make-up, and set design. Staff and mentors would be around to help and teach students how to build a set and work controls.

“We hope to have students working with the technical [aspects} of the show. We will have teachers that will be working with these students so they will be guided through all of this,” Adami said.

Adami has been organizing this program through four other school districts for several years and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

“I feel very blessed and fortunate because I love doing this [now that] I am retired. This gives me a chance to step in and get the job done. It’s very satisfying for me as well.” Adami said.

The application will be available online at the Judson website. You can also download them by click here and here. They will need to be turned either by email or by mail to the superintendent’s office no later than April 19.