Judson Boys Basketball Are District Champs After Defeating Wagner


On February 16th, 2022, the Judson Rocket boys basketball team faced off against the Wagner Thunderbirds in a heated rematch that people dubbed the ‘Hammer Bowl Part Two’.

Starting off the first quarter, senior Christian Pillow won the jump ball, giving Judson the first possession. Senior Anariss Brandon was then fouled, making both shots for an early lead. Senior Christian Pillow then showed-out with a contested three in the corner, leading to a turnover on Wager for Brandon. That turnover led to another three, keeping Judson in the lead. Junior Donavon Gomez ended the first quarter with an and-one, and then made his free throws. The first quarter ended in a tied game at 16-16.

Judson had possession heading into the second quarter. Pillow then had a contested rebound and layup combo to start off, putting Judson in a second quarter lead. At the top of the key, junior Johnny Bowens was then given the ball as he made his way through four Wagner T Birds for a strong layup. After, Pillow dribbled to the paint for an easy layup. Leading into halftime, Brandon snuck a rebound on Wagner’s basket and dimed a pass to Pillow for a slam dunk, keeping Judson in the lead at 30-29.

To start the third quarter, Gomez scored a layup without a Wagner T Bird in sight. Senior Mason Wallace stole the ball and made his way down court to score a layup. Pillow then pulled in a rebound from Wagner’s basket, scrambling two Wagner defenders for an easy layup. Gomez moved fast to shake-off three Wagner defenders for a contested behind-the-back layup in front of three Wagner defenders. Junior Yeral Martinez pulled the ball in for a rebound on the Wagner court for a layup. Martinez then blocked the ball from a T Bird two times in a row, getting the ball to Bowens for a strong layup. With seven seconds left, Wallace stole the ball for a possession leading into the fourth quarter. Judson led, 49-46.

Early in the fourth, Wallace rushed his way to the basket for a quick layup, keeping Judson in front. Brandon pulled in a foul to then score both his free throws. Judson stole the ball from Wagner defenders to get the ball down court to Brandon for a slam dunk with no T Birds there to defend. With a big lead, Judson ticked down the clock by passing the ball around to each Judson player. In the confusion, the Wagner T Birds scrambled and forced a foul. Brandon scored both his free throws to end the game with Judson on top, 69-57. The Judson Rockets are now District Champions.