Judson Defeats Johnson at the Alamodome


Photo By: The Fuel Staff

Rockets launched! Judson takes the field at the Pigskin Classic.

On August 27, 2022, The Judson Rockets (0-0) faced off against the Johnson Jaguars (0-0) in their first official preseason game. This game was named the Peanut Butter Bowl as a form of charity for the San Antonio Food Bank. The Rockets raised a total of 162 jars of peanut butter. 

The first quarter started off with the Rockets on offense which allowed them to slowly advance upfield until senior Jerimiah Dunn found a breakthrough in the Jaguars’ defense putting the Rockets at an advantage with the first touchdown of the game 7-0, Rockets.  After back-and-forth play, the Rockets finally regained possession and charged downfield which led to another touchdown by Junior Nathaniel Stanley who ran 35 yards, which was complete with a beautiful field goal by senior Adrian Cortez 14-0, Rockets. The Jaguars applied non-stop pressure to the Rockets’ defense allowing Johnson to touch the end zone; however, a flag was called on the play pushing them back to the 45-yard line. Despite this, the Jaguars managed to regain their rhythm and gain a touchdown. The Rockets were still in the lead 14-7. With only two minutes left in the first Johnson grew desperate to score again however the Rockets did not let up. The Rockets stopped four touchdown attempts consecutively, which led to Johnson attempting a field goal that was blocked by Judson’s defense. 

The second quarter was highly uneventful until the Rockets scored another touchdown pass down the middle by Jonathan Johnson 20-7, Rockets. With a minute 38 left in the game, the Rockets were able to open a hole in Johnson’s shaky defense and allowed another touchdown by Jaden Castillo 27-7, Rockets. 

The 3rd quarter started off with the Jaguars applying non-stop pressure on the Rockets after back to back battle the Jaguars scored with a running touchdown down.  The Rockets tried to return with a touchdown from senior Jonathan Johnson, but a flag

Photo By: The Fuel Staff

was called on the play. The Rockets restarted from the 35 yard line, however found themselves unsuccessful. After a turnover Johnson was able to  score another down with only 4 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter 27-21 Rockets. Despite the Jaguars’ efforts the Rockets pushed back with a field goal kick, the jaguars returned with a touchdown. and missed field goal keeping Judson still in the lead 30-28, Rockets. 

The Rockets started the 4th quarter strong with a touchdown from Stanley, 37-35, Rockets after a couple more minutes of back and forth passes Johnson gained possession and scored a 5 yard touchdown pass 37-35, Rockets with 5:30 left in fourth the Rockets returned with two consecutive touchdowns by Castillo and junior Miles Davis advancing Judson 43-35, Rockets. With only 18 seconds left in the game the Jaguars scored an unexpected touchdown pass complete with a field goal which pushed the game into overtime. 

After two touchdown attempts from both teams the Rockets set up for a kick. Senior Adrian Cortez kicked a beautiful field goal which concluded the game 46-43, Rockets. 

The Rockets(1-0) will face Westlake (1-0) this Friday September 2, 2022 at Rutledge Stadium.  The theme is Rocket Pride Colors.