Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Kingsman: The Golden Circle premiered in theaters on Thursday, September 21. The sequel to a possibly growing franchise, based on the comic book series, made $3.4 million dollars on Thursday night. The film had many twists and turns, making the movie even more enjoyable to watch.

In the first movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, which debuted in February 2015, Harry Hart is looking for a recruit to join the Kingsman. His choice is a young boy, named Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin.

Valentine, played by Samuel L. Jackson, has been freely planting SIM cards in phones all over the world. The cards would give anyone a homicidal rage that would wipe out half the world’s population. Eggsy fails his training and is not accepted as a Kingsman. Shortly after, Harry is murdered by none other than Valentine himself.

With his mentor lost, Eggsy goes to the leader of the Kingsman, Arthur. However, he is in league with Valentine, so Eggsy and Merlin create a plan with a fellow Kingsman and find Valentine’s hideout in the mountains. Lots of fighting and blood ensue until Eggsy is able to kill Valentine and terminate his plan.

Now, the Kingsman are back again and they have a new threat to face.

On his way home one evening, Eggsy is met with the old acquaintance of Charlie Hesketh, a Kingsman recruit who failed his training. Unbeknownst to Eggsy, the mechanical prosthetic arm left behind by Charlie in the fight has hacked the Kingsman servers and launches a series of missiles to each of the Kingsmans hide outs. Only Eggsy and Merlin survive the attack on their organization, and initiate the Doomsday protocol. The protocol takes them to Statesman, their American counterparts located in Kentucky. When they confront the Statesman, they are also confronted with an old friend they believed to be dead.

Along with bombing the Kingsman headquarters, Poppy Adams, leader of a drug cartel, has poisoned much of the world’s population. A Statesman agent and Eggsy’s princess girlfriend have fallen ill from the drugs effects, along with a great population of the world. Meanwhile, Poppy has spoken to the President of the United States, and says she will release the antidote for the poison if he agrees to her conditions. Eggsy, however, has plans to invade a laboratory in Italy and acquire a sample of the antidote for testing. All goes well until the antidote is lost and a Statesman is shot.

With the help of Merlin, Eggsy finds Poppy’s hideout in Cambodia and takes down her drug cartel. But a twist at the end leaves Eggsy fighting for his life against the very Statesman that was shot.

The movie was action packed and made sure you paid attention to every detail. With moments both sentimental and humorous, the sequel of the Kingsman is a hit in every way. Roping you back into the world of secret gadgets and hidden lairs, the film makes you wish to be one of them yourself. Adding the ending of a ‘princely’ manner and joyous occasion makes the movie even more surprising and entertaining.