Rockets fall to New Braunfels in last game of regular season

On November 3, 2022, the Judson Rockets (4-5) faced the New Braunfels Unicorns (6-3) at Unicorn Stadium for their last district game of the season.

The first quarter started very unusually for the Rockets after not being able to drive the ball down the field after many attempts. It was clear that the Rockets couldn’t find their rhythm on the offense. The Unicorns also had unsuccessful drives, but managed to score a touchdown making the score 0-7, Unicorns. After many attempts for the Rockets to drive the ball they still struggled with getting their offense on track. With 52 seconds left in the first quarter, the Unicorns managed to make a field goal making the score 0-10,Unicorns which concluded the first quarter. 

The beginning of the second quarter was very uneventful for the Rockets after not being able to score yet again. The Unicorns started to capitalize on the mistakes the Rockets continuously made by responding with a touchdown which made the score  0-16, Unicorns. After the Unicorns scored, Junior De Morlan McGarity received the ball at the Rockets 25-yard line and ran the ball down the field, setting up the Rocket offense at the Unicorns 48-yard line. The Rockets were able to gain a first down and more which set the offense up at the Unicorn’s 35-yard line. Although the Rockets got a first down, they still seemed to be having trouble with moving the chains after failing to convert on fourth down at the Unicorns 35-yard line. The Unicorns took over at their 35-yard line. They made their statement on the field by successfully converting on multiple third downs. They also managed to drive the ball down the field and score, which put the Unicorns in a 23-point lead which concluded the second quarter.The final score for the first half was 0-23.

As halftime came to an end and the third quarter began, the Unicorns maintained control of the game. Despite this, the Rockets managed to score a touchdown with a 5-yard pass to Senior Jonathan Johnson from Senior Andres Villagran, which got the Rockets on the scoreboard. The Unicorns still found a way to make this ball game theirs by scoring a touchdown off kickoff which made the score 7-30, unicorns with a few minutes remaining in the third quarter.The Rockets had a hard time responding back and could not convert for a first down. The Unicorns then took over and yet again scored which concluded the third quarter with a final score of 37-7, Unicorns.

The fourth quarter started and the energy started to die down on the Rockets sideline. Flags went up in the sky and the Rockets were over this game. The Rocket defense did not let the Unicorns score another touchdown, but the Unicorns still managed to make a field goal bringing  the score to 7-40, Unicorns. Although this game was a tough, McGarity did not give in. He scored a 14-yard rushing touchdown which brought the score up to 14-40.The Rockets played with all their might but fell short, ending the game with the final score 14-40, Unicorns.

The Judson Rockets (4-6) made the playoffs; the first round of playoffs is this week. The first game will be against Churchill (5-5) on Thursday, November 10th at D.W. Rutledge Stadium, 7:00 pm.