Special Olympics held at D.W. Rutledge Stadium

Victoria Phipps

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Photo By: Lilian Nino

On Friday, April 8, more than 20 Judson ISD schools gathered at D.W. Rutledge Stadium to participate in the 2016 Special Olympics.

The event is an annual event held for the children enrolled in the special education program at participating JISD schools. During this event, the students participate in running, jumping, and softball throwing.

“I’m excited about my kids taking home a trophy,” Woodlake Elementary teacher Brenda Williams said.

The event started with a giant parade around the track that allowed all the schools to show off their pride. Following the parade, four schools participated in the iconic Olympic tradition – the Lighting of the Torch. This heartwarming and special event left the crowd in awe as they watched the students run with the torch.

“Working Special Olympics was great,” junior Darian Daly said. “I love those kids.”

Throughout the stadium, there are smiles and laughter as the children compete with their friends. After their races, the kids head to mid-field where ribbons are given to the winners.

KielaR40“Seeing the kids smile when they got their ribbon was my favorite part,” Daly said.

Watching the event take place can leave an imprint on your heart. It shows you a level of happiness that can be found nowhere else. When that smile spreads across their face after finishing their event, the feeling of joy fills the stadium.

“It made me think of what I want to do when I get older,” Daly said.

All of the students had fun competing with their friends and trying their hardest. As the event came to an end, children who had been reunited with friends had to say goodbye when all the schools left back to their home campuses.

The event leaves a mark on their lives and everyone that was there.