Mr. Hernandez continues Principal Student Advisory Council


Photo By: Raven Gatson

Every year, the administrators adopt new ways to help make student’s lives campus better. The Principal Student Advisory Council is being utilized yet again to help the campus.

The Principal Student Advisory Council or PSAC is a group of students that aid the school in continuing to bridge the gap between administration and students. The council began three years ago under the leadership of Principal Hernandez.

“The purpose of this group is to assist me in perceiving and addressing issues on the campus from the student perspective,” Hernandez said.

The students that make up the group are seniors and juniors that are official and unofficial student leaders of who are hard working and are apart of various organizations.

“I would like to see more involvement, not just going home and coming back” Project Gemini dance leader Tae’veon Brazil said.

The PSAC wants to keep an open discussion throughout each meeting, coming up with different ideas to aid in improvement.

“We will discuss the issues seen on our campus,” Hernandez said. “I see us doing an affinity chart activity to start. We will then transition to some brainstorming and end with some concrete actions to follow up.”

Hernandez is looking forward to seeing these students work together for a common goal.

“I am excited to have them come together to help the campus. Having student input is vital in what we do,” Hernandez said.

With new voices helping the administrators, keeping the council around is slowly becoming a Rocket tradition.