Mask debate causes confusion for everyone


Photo By: Isabella Celaya

The dental internship students create Alginate impressions in the dental lab. Being a part of a health science cluster, it is vital for students to understand health standards inside and outside of the classroom.

The first week back at Judson High School, students were confused about whether or not they were going to wear a mask. Even some adults didn’t know if they should wear a mask.

A state-wide mandate went back and forth between being lifted and put back into place for schools.

Students (and adults) have been very confused in just the first two weeks back at school. One day, masking is a choice, the next day, it’s required. This is putting a lot of pressure and stress on most students. 

“I think that they should just pick one and stick with it,” junior Dasney Shakelford said.

It is hard for people to make their own decisions, especially students. They look up to adults and trust that they’re making the right decision. But it seems the politicians in the state have politicized the crisis, leading to confusion among children. 

“I think that a lot of times, we go off of what we see, and we make our decisions based on what we see in front of us, and a lot of times we don’t do a lot of extra research,” Medical Assistant Practicum teacher Jennifer Carrillo said. 

However, some students find it easier to make that choice based on their health and for others’ safety and aren’t persuaded by politics. 

“It doesn’t affect me, but I’m doing whatever is safest for the people around me,” junior Janae Thomas said. 

Especially students in the health sciences pathways, they may have a different view of the entire public health crisis. 

“The students that are in the healthcare field, they do have a different perspective. They are aware of how the virus works, the science behind it, how it affects the body, how it affects patients that can get covid and end up in the hospital. So they’re a little more sympathetic and understanding of what’s going on,” radiology teacher Denise Aguilar said. 

With the pandemic nowhere near the end, having a recent resurgence, no one knows what the rest of the school year will hold.


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