Money Matters: A course all students should be required to take


Photo By: Claudia Quiroz

While sitting in class, every student has asked themselves, “When will I use any of this information after I graduate?”

Money Matters is a course offered on campus where students have the opportunity to learn important money management information and how to communicate with others in order to make significant financial decisions in their adult life. Those interested in business can learn skills that will not only help them when dealing with daily transactions, but will grant them the tools needed to succeed within their careers and personal lives.

The course is taught by Mrs. Laura Lauinger, who is also in charge of the retail store in the cafeteria. She also teaches a variety of business classes such as advertising and sale promotion, sports and entertainment marketing and fashion marketing. In her class, students can expect to learn how to handle their money as they mature, how to create budgets and where to invest their money. They are also taught about the stock market and careers in the financial industry.

“We go very in depth into the financial world,” Lauinger said.

On the surface, the course seems very similar to an economics class. However, while economics covers some of the same concepts, students enrolled in Money Matters will learn more about finance in terms of careers. The course also focuses more on each of the student’s individual financial future.

Students are taught skills that will allow them to avoid getting into credit card debt and how to pay for college without taking out excessive amounts of student loans. Students who plan on having a career in business gain access to information about what certifications they may need in terms of finance. Lauinger also has her students investigate the cost of daily decisions.

IMG_5157“If you avoid that Starbucks line… how much money would you end up having in 20 years?” Lauinger said.

Understanding personal finance while in high school helps students set themselves up for financial success in the future. Students are taught very important financial skills as they are granted insight to the workings of various careers. In all, Money Matters is an interesting course that will give students a head start on obtaining a successful and secure future.

“It is not going to hurt you to take this class,” Lauinger said. “I wish I had this when I was in high school, or even college.”