Ms. Brenda Milam enters her 32nd year at Judson


Mrs. Brenda Milam helps a student with her classwork during one of her AP Calculus periods. Milam has been teaching at Judson High School for 32 years.

Mrs. Brenda Milam has devoted her time and efforts into teaching. She is currently teaching her 32nd year at Judson.

“The main reason on why I started teaching was because I always enjoyed helping others,” Milam said. “I genuinely love school. During class in high school, I loved to help others understand what’s going on.“

Milam had worked for two years at what used to be Kirby Junior High, which is now Kirby Middle School. While working there, Milam got the opportunity to move up into teaching high school and happily took it.

“I [loved] that there are so many options available for students—different classes, clubs, organizations, sports, and activities. There is truly something for everyone [here],” Milam said.

Milam ensures that each student gets some sort of individual time in class. It can be easy, especially in math, for someone to lose track of what is happening and becoming disconnected.

“I try to make it a point to ask frequent questions to each individual in class. I also offer tutoring each morning and after school on Tuesday and Thursday to provide students with more individual attention and help,” Milam said.

Milam is motivated to ensure that each student gets a good education and reaches their potential.

“I think that if we provide a class for all start students, like a study-room, I believe that we can actually help give students more of the attention they need and help them understand [what they are struggling on.] [It’s important] to go out and study and not just go home and do nothing,” Milam said.

Teaching is not the only thing she enjoys. In her spare time, she loves knitting and spending time with her grandchildren.

“Every chance I get, on Friday or the weekend, I love to hang out with my children and grandchildren, and just have fun with them,” Milam said.

After working here for 32 years, Milam continues to feel blessed to teach at Judson and is proud to say she feels at home.