Ms. Lynne Hollon loses 40 pounds


“Hello, my name is Lynn Hollon and I am a compulsive overeater.” If you have seen movies portraying support groups, this line will seem familiar.

After having a pattern of losing and regaining weight, English and British literature teacher Ms. Lynn Hollon joined Overeaters Anonymous and recently lost 70 pounds.

“I thought, I have never tried anything like this. I will try this, so I went to the meeting and from the very first meeting, I felt completely different,” Hollon said.

Every time she went to the doctor, they would prescribe a pill of some sort. For someone her age, it is not good to be taking extra stimulants.

“One of the doctors told me, ‘Well, eat a bowl of fiber cereal every morning. You will be full all day.’ No it doesn’t,” Hollon said.

After feeling defeated from the last diet, Hollon went online to search up Overeaters Anonymous. It is a twelve step program, much like Alcoholics Anonymous.

“They don’t talk about being on a diet. They talk about having a food plan. You have a plan and you have to stick with it,” Hollon said.

She felt her stress and anxiety being relieved because for once, Hollon realized that she had a disease, and that it was not her fault.

“It was not because I was weak, or because I did not use my will power,” Hollon said. “I felt a wonderful burden was lifted. This year, I am much calmer. I am less anxious and less upset at things at school.”

Hollon’s relationship with food was all a part of the problem. With the help of the support group, she learned to heal her mind and body. Many people would stop after losing 70 pounds. However, Hollon hopes to keep progressing to her goal of 140 pounds.