Review: Ghost in a Shell


On March 31, Ghost in the Shell was released in theaters. The movie took $110 million dollars to make. Unfortunately, it only brought in approximately $20 million dollars in its first weekend, according to Vanity Fair.

The movie was very much underrated. The 3D effects took you right from your seats into a completely different world. This movie is based on the anime titled by the same name.

The movie begins with the tragic accident of Major, played by the stunning actress Scarlett Johansson. Her parents were killed in the terrible shipwreck that nearly killed her. Through science and miracles, they captured her mind and made a genetically modified human – a mechanical all powerful body with the creative and caring mind of a human, the first of her kind. In this futuristic world, everyone has change their imperfections with robotic parts  to make them better, indestructible even.

The first action scene comes quickly. Their enemy, Project 2501, is played by Michael Pitt. He is a super computer that wants to destroy the company that constructed Major, Hanka. He is resentful for whatever reason and Major is more than determined to destroy him before he can hurt more people. Throughout the movie, she has glitches, visions of foggy memory pulling through her robotic code. The only person that can explain this is her enemy because he’s had the similar visions.

As the plot picks up, Hanka keeps experiencing attacks. Major is slowly beginning to realize the problem behind the company that she put so much trust into. She soon discovered that she was not the first of her kind; she was number 99. And now her memories of the way her parents died were programmed into her hard drive. Nothing she knows is real.

She digs deeper and begins to rebel. Cutter, the maker of Hanka, whom appeared to be the protagonist in the beginning, quickly becomes the antagonist. He orders that Major be killed for her treason, but the scientist that made her can’t bring herself to destroy such beauty. She risks her life and gives Major back all her memories and is killed for it.

Major, whose real name is Montoko Kusagani, was a young rebellious teenager that ran away from home because she believed that technology was destroying the world around them. She was right. Hanka faked her death to her parents and stole her memories to make her a machine. After finding this out, she decided she would no longer be a weapon to kill, but instead be an asset to fighting crime and bringing justice to those in need.

As corny as the ending was, Ghost in the Shell deserves an award. It was brilliantly constructed and the graphics took you into an entirely different universe. The plot is gut wrenching and heart breaking. This movie was magnificent and the directing and acting was impeccable. Director Rupert Sanders did an amazing job capturing the emotion and story line of the original anime.