Review: It


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On Friday, September 8, It dominated the box office with over $100 million dollar weekend. This remake was incredible. It did not need to rely on jump scares every ten seconds to be a quality film. It combined comedy, plot and horror to create an iconic film.

The original movie aired in in 1990. It stated that Pennywise, the clown, returns every 27 years to feast on the town’s young children. The remake airs in 2017, exactly 27 years after. The deliberate time gap makes the movie history even more amazing. Although, not stated in the movie, it is known that ‘Pennywise the Clown’ actually is not ‘It’. It’s true form is what is called the Deadlights. But Pennywise is its preferred form. It, however can manifest itself in the form of the child’s worst fear no matter what it is.

The movie begins with Bill and his little brother, Gorgie. Bill is making a play boat for his younger sibling to play in the rain with. When the boat is finish, Gorgie sets off on an adventure and watches his boat take off. Shortly after, the boat falls down the sewer and we get our first look at Pennywise, the friendly clown. Quickly, the clown becomes menacing when he takes Gorgie into the sewers and takes his life.

Further into the movie, just shortly after Georgie’s disappearance, you meet Bills group of friends called “The Loser Club.” This club consists of Eddie, the germophobe; Stanley, the rabbi’s son; Richie, the vulgar tike; Bev, the rumored town harlot; Mike, the farm hand; Ben, the new kid and Bill; the group leader.

The town’s children have been going missing, plucked off one by one by this evil force. It is up to the ‘Loser Club’ to figure out the reasons behind it.

Chronologically, you start to learn the fears of each of the kids. They all have a terrifying past or nagging fear that they cannot seem to get over or face. Gradually, Pennywise’s attacks grow more violent and personal. Pennywise feeds off fear: the more scared a child is, the better of a meal they become.

Not only does the group have to deal with a supernatural force, they have to deal with the very real threat of bullies: Henry Bowers, the leader; followed by Patrick Hocksetter, and Belch. The group terrorizes the beloved group, making them fearful and more vulnerable to the clowns merciless wrath. Eventually, the group teams together and takes down the bully group. They realize that they need to work together in order to stop Pennywise and save the town.

Finally, they enter the dreaded house, where Pennywise has holds his victims. On their way down the well and into the abyss, Henry Bowers shows up and attacks Mike. Only now is Henry clearly under the influence of ‘It.’ Mike eventually is able to fight of Henry, injuring him gravely.

When the group has their last battle with It, they all take turns wearing him down. For now, they have faced their fears and are no longer scared of the clown. In the end of this epic battle, Pennywise finally gives up and retreats. The gang, tired and battered gather together, make a promise that in 27 years, when they are all adults that they will come back and battle ‘It’ one last time.

This movie leaves a perfect setup for a sequel; one last chance to see The Losers Club come together. ‘It’ has an incredible mixture of vulgar humor, a loveable cast, a deep history, emotional moments and heart racing horror.