Review: Paddington


Theatrical Release Poster, SudioCanal

What started out as a children’s book in 1958 made $24.49 million its opening week in theaters. Paddington is a heartwarming film about a Peruvian bear who has a curiosity about life outside the forest ever since his parents passed away.

The movie begins with Paddington, and his aunt and uncle, living in the forest. When an earthquake occurs, Paddington’s home is completely destroyed. In an effort to find a new home, he’s stowed away on a boat heading to London.

The purpose of the film is to tell the story of his journey throughout London. He learns quickly that it’s not what he had imagined. While writing to his aunt about how his search is going, he meets the Brown family, who took him in with the understanding that he can stay until they find him a place to live permanently.

Paddington starts to cause many mishaps to the Brown’s household from floods to fires, which lead the family to start looking for orphanages. While on the search for orphanages, Paddington finds out that his hat, which was given to him by his uncle, belonged to an English explorer. The explorer also was friends with his uncle and aunt.

Paddington goes off on his own in search for the explorer in hope that he will take him into his home, soon finding out that the explorer passed away a while back. Paddington finds the explorer’s daughter, who claims she will take him in. Unknowingly, Paddington is walking into the home of a taxidermist who wants to stuff him to complete her collection.

After the Browns find out what Paddington is getting himself into, they rush to save him from making the biggest mistake of his life. They manage to save him by tossing a marmalade sandwich at the taxidermist, which drew in pigeons, causing her to get off balance and fall of the roof.

In the end, the Browns end up adopting Paddington into their family and the taxidermist gets community service at the zoo. Paddington writes a final letter to his aunt stating that he has finally found where he belongs.

Throughout the film, Paddington will touch your heart with the way he keeps moving on after losing everything, and being put down many times by the Browns. Needless to say, Paddington keeps smiling and continues to believe that wonderful things are coming his way. Seem as if the moral of the film is that first impressions should not cause the end of a relationship.

Although this film lacked connection, the good outweighed the bad. This movie has great performance, suspense, a strong message, and most importantly, a sense of humor. The audience will seemingly fall in love with Paddington. This film creates a feeling that will subsequently brighten your day, put a smile on your face, and show you no matter how difficult something is, you will get through it. The film producers create a character that will have audiences wanting to jump in the screen, grab him, and pinch his cheeks, and not let go.