Review: Project Almanac

Theatrical Release Poster, Paramount Pictures

Theatrical Release Poster, Paramount Pictures

Whoever said time traveling is impossible? For this group of friends, they defy the laws of physics and do the impossible.

Project Almanac, a film by MTV, opened low with an $8 million dollar weekend. The film is a mind boggling film that starts out with a geeky teen named David, played by Jonny Weston, who tries to get a scholarship to attend his dream college, MIT. Sadly, scholarship is not as much as he had hoped for.

He starts rambling through junk in their attic in hope for something that could help, and come across an old video recorder of his seventh birthday 10 years ago earlier. When he looks a little closer at the video, he finds himself in the mirror and questions how he was at his seventh birthday. This leads him and his friends Adam, played by Allen Evangelista; Quinn, played by Sam Lerner; Christina, played by Virginia Gardner; and Jossie, played by Sofia Black D’Elia; to go through his dad’s old junk in the basement, where they find what seems like a time machine that his dad was working on.

The machine was something David’s dad left for him after he passed away. They decide to complete it. After countless days, and after trial and error, the five friends finally complete the world’s first time machine.

The teens begin to travel back into time to fix their problems, get rich, and make better memories with one another. Unfortunately, time travel caused numerous disasters to occur: a plane crash killing 200 people, their school losing the championship because the main player broke his leg, and Adam getting into a bad accident, putting him on the hospital. After the teens begin to disappear one by one, they had to make a big decision: lose everything that they have gained, or it’s the end of humanity as they know it.

It seemed like the purpose of the film was to make one think about the decisions you make on a daily basis, and if those decisions will affect later decisions. It also makes the moviegoer think; if you could go back to change a decision you now regret, what will be the ramifications of it.

In the end, it makes the moviegoer think about reality and the effects of right now. The onscreen chemistry between the actors really makes you feel their pain and emotion. The ways they express feelings really prove how much they care for one another. The film ends with a typical cliffhanger, which makes you wonder will the teens forget about building the time machine, and possibly build it again. Although it is a dark film, and very thought provoking, the film asks moviegoers to think about their own lives and to not take what you have for granted.