Senior Megan Lambert sells art piece for $2,600

Senior Megan Lambert’s sculpture “The Horse That Could” sold for $2,600 with over $1,500 of add-ons for the San Antonio Student Art Competition to be presented at the Rodeo in February.

Lambert’s piece was a sculpture of a horse with a piece of leather and yarn to represent a saddle that took about two months to make.

“I stayed after school almost everyday,” Lambert said. “Almost to six o’clock.”

Unfortunately, the last week she had before the competition, the back on the horse shattered in the fire.

“I was devastated,” Lambert said. “I didn’t want anything to do with it.”

Luckily, Lambert decided to give it a second chance.

“I ended up putting it back together and adding the yarn and leather,” Lambert said. “I felt like it was meant to happen because it really came together in the end.”

Overall, she was grateful that she took the chance.

“My horse definitely went through some tragedies, but with one week left I did everything I could possibly do to save it”

The money raised for Lambert is counted as scholarship money for her future. The rodeo will be February 8 – 25.

If interested in adding on to Lambert’s piece, click here.