Teachers on campus share a special bond

The campus has three sets of parent-child teachers


Mrs. Tina Ramirez-Tubbs and Mrs. Desaree Machuca

The campus is known for having many traditions that are woven within our culture, whether it be on campus or off campus. Judson prides itself on being different and distinct.

Probably unknown by the masses, there is a biological connection between multiple teachers on campus.

Multiple teachers on campus are related to one another. Or specifically, they share a relationship of parent and child. This highlights two different generations of families impacting the Judson community at the same time.

The parent-child relationships include Mrs. Machuca and Mrs.Tubbs, Coach Jones and Mr. Shaw, and Mrs. and Ms. Foster.

Jones and Shaw approached this arrangement (of working together) with ground rules that quickly went array once Shaw made his arrival.

“Before my dad started working here, I gave him one rule, ‘Do not tell anyone you are related to me’. That rule quickly went away within the first week he was here. He was telling everyone he’s my dad,” Jones said.

Mr. Shaw and Mrs. Jones

The same can not be said for Mrs.Machuca and Mrs. Tubbs, who followed very similar paths within the district and are now working closely together as junior and senior class advisors. (Both being alumni of Olympia, Kitty Hawk, and Judson.)

“We balance each other out really well,” Tubbs said. “One of the things we have in common is we like making people feel good about life and themselves. That’s one of the most important things.”

As for Mrs. Foster, she was aware of her daughter becoming her colleague around the time it was offered to her.

“I found out the same day she was offered the job here at JHS. I was ecstatic and could not believe my daughter was going to be my colleague.  It made me very happy and proud,” Mrs. Foster said.

Working with your loved ones may not be ideal for most. But within the Judson community, the growth of these relationships is not seen as a negative, considering how much importance Judson pours into being family-oriented.

The Fosters

“Working with my dad hasn’t really affected our relationship much. We’ve always been a close family so even if he didn’t work here, I’d still talk to him often,” Jones said.

Mrs. Foster, from her own perspective, made it clear that the effect it may have on a relationship shouldn’t be feared.

“I will definitely advice not to believe when people say not to work with a family member because it causes issues. It is all about knowing how to balance it and giving each other their own space, it is about respect.  Personally, I find it very enjoyable and rewarding,” Foster said.

Mrs. Machuca mimicked a similar sentiment.

“It depends on the culture of the workplace. But at a place like Judson, where the culture is family oriented, there is nothing wrong [with working together],” Machuca said. “I feel like here it’s very welcomed and valued and can’t bring anything but strength and positivity.”

Seeing these families coincide together will hopefully inspire future generations to consider affecting their communities in similar ways.