Review: Sam Smith “Love Goes”

Capitol Records

Capitol Records

“Love Goes” is English singer and songwriter Sam Smith’s third studio album. This album was released on October 30, 2020, through Capitol Records. It was originally scheduled to release in June 2020 but was delayed and even renamed from “To Die For” to its current name due to COVID-19. The singer felt that it would be inconsiderate of them to use the word “die” considering what many people are going through.

“Diamonds” is the second song on this album. This song premiered on September 17, 2020, while most of the songs on the album were not released until October 30, 2020. This song has a very upbeat rhythm, and Smith sings about an ex-lover who didn’t care for them or their heart, but instead their fame and money. This is the type of song to be played on a dance floor, and soon enough will become a dance floor anthem. It’s a beautiful song that makes it seem as though Smith was reborn more confident.

The sixth track on the album, “Dance (‘Til You Love Someone Else)” is the perfect song for a party. The chorus is short and catchy, and the beat is definitely dance-worthy. Smith says that this song was a sequel to one of their previous hit songs, “Dancing With a Stranger.” This song represents a deeper meaning – that they must dance until they can find someone to mask their heartbreak. Although this track does contain a feeling of anxiety and dreadfulness, it’s still a beautiful addition to the album. 

The eighth track, “Breaking Hearts” is a light song. It sounds sad, but if you listen to the lyrics, you can tell it was written in an angry moment during their heartbreak. Smith sings of feeling depressed after letting someone into their heart “went so far down this road I felt depressed deep in my soul.” Smith ends the song by questioning why they let that person into their heart, and shows regret because their heart was broken. This track is one of the more sad songs on the album. 

“Kids Again” is the eleventh song, and unlike any other on the album. “Kids Again” feels like that moment when you look back and reminisce on the good days when you were younger and you had nothing to worry about. No responsibilities and nothing to really do, just live. This song has a slow and smooth melody and is definitely a sing-along. Smith leans towards more soulful music with this song; a beautiful step away from electronic pop. 

The thirteenth track on the album “How Do You Sleep” has a hypnotic and danceable beat. This is a perfect song for showcasing Smith’s range. They sing of resentment and heartbreak, just like a handful of their other songs. Smith teased their listeners for weeks on social media about the release of this song which was finally dropped on July 18, 2019. While it was a part of the album that was released in October 2020, this song was specifically released much sooner. And it was worth the wait.

“Love Goes” was a beautiful album that showcased many different types of music and definitely displayed Smith’s vocal range and abilities. Sam Smith was practically reborn in this new album. They were quiet for a while and had their listeners waiting, and it was most definitely worth the wait. There are many beautiful, sad, catchy, and deep songs on the album, I guess you can say it’s a bumpy ride. The album sure is going to gain a lot of attention, though, as Smith seems to be more confident in their music and videos. 

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