Softball beats Smithson Valley

On Tuesday, March 23, 2021, the Judson Rockets (15-1) played against the Smithson Valley Rangers (5-10-1) at home. 

To begin the first inning, all of Smithson Valleys’ batters were tagged out ending the top of the first. At the bottom of the first, all of Judson’s batters were tagged out as well ending the first with a score of 0-0 

At the top of the second inning, junior Emily Ayala struck out the Ranger’s top three batters ending the top of the second. During the bottom of the second, senior Lauryn Ramos hit a double followed by a bunt from senior Samara Sanchez, which allowed Ramos to take third to try and set up the first run of the game. Sophomore Queenandra Dunn hit a single which allowed Ramos to run home and end the bottom of the second with the Rockets in a 1-0 lead. 

At the top of the third inning, all of the Rangers batters were yet again tagged and struck out, ending the top of the third. To begin the bottom of the third, junior Keely Williams hit a double, which was directly followed by junior Destiny Rodriguez with another double to allow Williams to run home and end the third inning at 2-0. 

To begin the fourth inning, the Rangers were still unable to get past the Rockets lockdown defense as yet again all their batters were called out. During the bottom of the fourth, Dunn got walked, and shortly after junior Arianna Alejandro hit a single which let Dunn run home for the Rocket’s third run of the game. Directly after the last run, Williams got an RBI from Alejandro after hitting a triple which later set up junior Madalynn Thornton who hit a single and also got an RBI from Williams. Rodriguez was able to get into first base with a single and sophomore Alyssa Keene also hit a single to get an RBI from Rodriguez to end the bottom of the fourth with the score of 6-0, Judson with a handsome lead. 

To begin the fifth inning, the Rangers batters were yet again called out to end the top of the fifth. At the start of the bottom and final inning, both Sanchez and Dunn hit singles loading up both first and second base. Alejandro sent a ball down centerfield to bring in two RBI’s from Sanchez and Dunn which made the score 8-0. Williams then hit the first home run of the game and scored two RBI’s which ended the game by rule of mercy at 10-0. 

The Lady Rockets (16-1) will play the Steele Knights (9-6-2) on Friday, March 26, 2021, at the Steele fields. 


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