Top NFL Teams of the Decade

1. 2013-2014 Seattle Seahawks: Prior to making the best statement, any team did this decade, defensive ends Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril both had a combined 16.5 sacks, which helped Seattle’s defense reach a higher level. The duo between Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch stayed on its game guiding the offense. The Legion of Boom produced three Pro Bowlers that year, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor. The Seahawks also defensively beat the 49ers and the Saints twice. The Broncos offense had most of its starters, but the Seahawks defense stopped their record-setting drive.

2. 2014-2015 New England Patriots: This team ended their season with a record of 12-4 while having Darelle Revis, who was one and done with the Patriots, and a returning Rob Gronkowski. While Gronk was returning from an ACL tear, he went on to have one of his best seasons and Revis went on to make his last Pro-Bowl. After they beat the Cincinnati Bengals, the Patriots went on to win 7 straight games without having their 500+ yard rusher. They also secured the AFC number one seed by outscoring the Ravens and beating the Colts in the infamous “Deflategate” game. Despite the Seahawks era-defining mistake, Brady threw for four touchdowns to secure another ring. 

3. 2016-2017 New England Patriots: Tom Brady’s “Deflategate” ban likely cost the Patriots a 15-1 record, but they still went 3-1 without him. New England’s (14-2) defense carried the offense with being first in scoring. Brady’s return was one of the best, as he threw for 28 TD’s and just two interceptions. The Patriots outlasted the Steelers in the AFC championship game to make another Super Bowl appearance. The Patriots went on to make the biggest comeback of all time, coming back from a 25-point deficit. Four of the Patriots receivers had up to 70 yards while running back James White led the way with three touchdowns.

4. 2013-2014 Denver Broncos: The 2013 Broncos were the only offense to ever reach 600 points within their season as Peyton Manning threw for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns. Manning’s five-man receiver core (Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno) each had over 10 touchdowns. After a seven touchdown game in week one, the Broncos went on to complete the season with a 13-3 record. They dominated the AFC side of the playoff bracket despite losing their star defensive players, Von Miller and Chris Harris. Seattle took advantage of the injuries and beat the Broncos in the Superbowl.

5. 2018-2019 New England Patriots: Before the season started, the NFL community started to claim that the “Patriots suck” and we’re not gonna make it into the postseason. The Patriots went 11-5 and had the third-best record in the AFC and recorded their ninth straight playoff bye week heading into January. They went into the first round and rolled over the Los Angeles Chargers with Sony Michell scoring three touchdowns. They held the Chiefs scoreless in the first half of the AFC title game. The Patriots went into the Superbowl and sacked quarterback Jared Goff a total of 15 times while Stephen Gilmore secured their sixth title with an interception winning the Superbowl 13-3.

6. 2017-2018 Philadelphia Eagles: Quarterback Carson Wentz was on his way to 40 passing touchdowns and the MVP award before a career-ending ligament tear heading into December. The Eagles rode their stacked defense to the NFC’s number one seed with a record of 13-3. Second-string quarterback Nick Foles stunned the world throwing for 725 yards and 6 touchdowns before the NFC title game. Foles went on to make an iconic play now known as the “Philly Special’ to secure their first Superbowl win and stopping the Patriots chance at a 3-peat.

7. 2015-2016 Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton had his best season in 2015 accounting for 45 touchdowns in arguably the best dual-threat season ever. This team outscored their opponents by 192 points with defensive star Luke Kuechly and Rookie Cornerback Josh Norman carrying the sixth-ranked defense. The Panthers played against the Cardinals in the NFC championship game winning with a score of 49-15.The Panthers went on to lose to the Broncos in the Superbowl by 14.

8. 2011-2012 New York Giants: The Giants, probably the most underrated team on this list, ended the season with a record of 9-7. At one point, they lost 4 straight including a 42-24 loss to the Saints. Although their rough finish, Eli Manning led the way for the Giants in one of the greatest playoffs runs. Manning threw for 1,219 yards which is the most in one postseason. Hakeem Nicks had 444 receiving yards which still remains the second most. Manning completed 58 passes without a single turnover against the 49ers to grant them a ticket to the Superbowl. This Superbowl was the making of the Manning to Mario Manningham catch which was the catch that carved out the ring for the Giants.

9. 2018-2019 Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs traded up 17 spots in the draft to land rookie Patrick Mahomes. After a year of mentoring behind Alex Smith, Mahomes went on to become the 2018 MVP. Mahomes threw for 50 touchdowns to lead the third-highest scoring offense ever in the league. Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill provided major support along with Damien Williams’ four playoff touchdowns after replacing Kareem Hunt. This team had two losses which came from the Rams (54-51) and to the Patriots (43-40). Chiefs defense wasn’t all there in the rematch with the Patriots, ending their most dominant season. 

10. 2011-2012 San Francisco 49ers: In 2011, Legendary Coach Jim Harbaugh took over and immediately made the 49ers playoff contenders. Quarterback Alex Smith finally showed he can play his role while Runningback Frankgore rushed for 1,211  yards and 12 touchdowns. The Niners defense ranked second in the league, led the way to a successful 13-3 season. All-Pros Patrick Willis, Navarro Bowman, Justin Smith, and Aldon Smith led the team in sacks with a combined number of 25. The Niners outed the Saints in a round-two thriller, but lost in round three to the Giants due to two fumbled punt returns.