Art students show pride through window murals


In the first weeks of school, a group of advance art students came together to create street art on the windows in the main hall.

“We wanted to show school pride through our artistic abilities,” junior Amari Russell said.

Students were asked to come up with art designs that showed school spirit. All of the designs had to be pre-approved by Mr. Hernandez before they were placed on the windows. Once they were approved, the students began their work.

“We had to [make sure we] drew something school related,” junior Jaida Horton said

Students began by tracing the pictures on a white piece of paper. They placed the paper on the window with tape and then traced the picture on the window. Then, they began painting the picture to create the mural on the windows.

“We really had fun,” junior Ayanna Coleman said. “But painting [on the window] was really hard.”

Art teacher Ms. Trost plans on doing this amazing show of school spirit every year.