Campaigns Have Begun For Class Presidents

Students are getting ready for another year of elections for class president. The last day for students to decide to run for the class president was on Sept. 12th. All juniors and seniors can be eligible to be a part their class government. All election forms were due by September 12th.

Every student that will be an eligible candidate will make a poster campaign and also a video speech as part of it. Videos will be shown during advisory if they are posted by the September 17th. Elections will be held during advisory classes on the September 23rd. Be prepared if you want to elect the next class officer.

Posters done by candidates have to be removed by the 24th. If not done, the candidate is immediately disqualified. Candidates must be juniors or seniors. All campaign material must be approved by one of the sponsors, Mrs. Hill or Mr. Mena.

Junior class officer will get to help with preparing the annual prom for seniors, the lip dub, the dodge ball tournament, senior Olympics, and the ring ceremony. Other assignments might be added to the junior class officer responsibility. If you are a student with leadership, and class spirit then run for class officer. Stop by to Mrs. Hill room in portable eight or Mr. Mena in room G237.