Judson Host The Year’s First Blood Drive

Judson High School hosted its first blood drive on October 17th. The second blood drive is approximately two months from now. All blood drives are located in the ROTC wing.

“I’m a nurse,” health science instruction and Certified Nurses Aide Coordinator Mrs. Campos said. “I know the importance of donating blood.”

Every individual has their different opinions on why blood donations are important. Some do it because they know someone in need of blood, or simply because they believe it is the right thing to do.

“I see it has a positive effect on people,” Campos said.

Only about one pint, which is equivalent to 450 ml, is taken out from a donor. The process to do so just takes about 40 minutes. The health department requires for students who are 16 to have parent consent and also be at least 110 pounds.

A Judson student gives blood in the mobile blood center.
Samantha Petersen
A Judson student gives blood in the mobile blood center.

There is an ongoing contest with all of the surrounding schools. The goal for this blood drive is to beat Warren High School. Last year, Judson lost to Clemens by 50 units. If Judson wins, the school wins $1,000 dollars. The Blood Drive is a good way to help strangers in need.