Judson Installs Two New Portables


Photo By: Steven Pavlicek

Overcrowding at Judson High School has led to the school installing two brand new portables, which adds four new classrooms to the campus. With about 30 teachers floating, this will allow teachers to have a classroom.

“At any given time, our school is at 97% occupancy. Meaning, 97% of our school is in use,” academic dean Rodney Vigil said. “There are some periods were every single classroom is being used.”

One portable will be located behind the P-wing.

“It the best place to put it,” lead assistance principal Grant Pruin said. Another reason it was placed there was to share the stairway with the other portable already there. It is not determined at the moment who will be occupying the new portable.

Another portable will be located behind the E-wing.

Getting a new portable is a long process for Judson because of the cities the district serves. The district serves the cities of Converse, San Antonio, Selma, Universal City, Kirby, Schertz, Cibolo, and Live Oak. The district has to adhere to the rules of all eight municipalities. “It’s a really long process,” Pruin said.

These new portables should be occupied by the second semester, if not sooner.