Dance teams puts on final performances of the year

This is the final performance as Galaxies and Starlites for the dance department. The teams will be combined into one varsity team called the Diamonds after the Diamond J. There will be one junior varsity team called the Rubies because of the school’s strong connection with the color red, and the pep squad will be called the Dazzlers. Lastly, the logistics of the new schedule means the end of Project Gemini, the boys hip hop team. The change will propel the dance department in new territories, with new and old traditions, in order to put them on the same playing field as other teams in the state.


Photo By: Alberto Torres

On Friday, May 3, the Judson Dance Department put on their annual Spring Show entitled “Embrace the Journey” at the Judson ISD Performing Arts Center.

This year, the dance department is losing a large group of seniors who will be known as the last Galaxies, Starlites, and Satellites, as the dance teams will be changing this upcoming school year.

The Galaxies were the first and original varsity dance team at Judson High School and senior Daisy Frausto will go down as one of the last members.

“[I was] happy yet sad to be the last Galaxie. It’s truly been an honor to be a part of the team for three years,” Frausto said. “We weren’t only a team, but sisters, and performing [on Friday] was bittersweet. But the last Galaxies went out with a bang.”

The Starlites were created years after the Galaxies as the second varsity dance team. They also have a large group of seniors who are sad to leave, but happy to leave a legacy.

“I’m sad to see the Starlites go, but I’m excited to see what the Diamonds can bring. I wish I took in every moment more,” senior and Starlite Captain Lauren Mayes said.

The new and only varsity dance team starting next school year will be named the Diamonds. Those like junior Brett Ferrill, who was a Starlite and will be the new Diamonds Colonel, will be responsible for starting new traditions at Judson High School.

“I loved dancing with my team and it’s sad knowing the seniors are moving on,” Ferrill said. “I’m very honored and thrilled to be a part of the new Diamonds Varsity Dance Team. I’m also excited to be a part of the first officer line of the new team.”

The all-boys dance team, Project Gemini, also performed and will be discontinued due to the logistics of next year’s new schedule. Junior Tae’Veon Brazil has led the team for the past two years.

“Spring Show was absolutely amazing, [and] it was the best one for all the teams,” Brazil said. “Honestly, leading this team was the best thing that’s happened to me, and I am blessed to have done what I’ve done.”

As the seniors continue and enter the world after graduating, those who looked up to them will create a legacy of their own and make sure they make the best of their dance years at Judson High School.