Football beats Steele


Photo By: Emma Tubbs

Senior Mike Chandler runs into the end zone to make the game winning touchdown. The Rockets won 51-48.

On Friday 20, 2019 the Judson Rockets (3-0) faced the Steele Knights (3-0) at Lehnhoff Stadium. 

On the second play of the game, Steele scored the first touchdown to make the score 7-0. After a Judson missed a field goal, Steele’s quarterback ran in for their second touchdown of the game, which made the score 14-0. Junior De’Anthony Lewis ran in for Judson’s first touchdown of the game to make the score 14-7, which ended the first. 

To begin the second quarter, a big sack from junior Evaunte Freeman set the Rockets up to get the ball on the 17-yard line. After a big run from Lewis, Judson scored their second touchdown to make the score 14-14. Steele scored their third touchdown of the game to end the second with a score of 21-14. 

To start the third quarter, a huge run from Lewis set up senior Mike Chandler for Judson’s third touchdown of the game which made the score 21-21. After Steele ran in for their fourth touchdown, senior Amarea-Bailey Davis caught a 50-plus yard touchdown to tie the score 28-28 with 7:52 left in the third. Steele scored their fifth touchdown, but sophomore Treylin Payne ran back a 70-plus yard fumble to make the score 30-34 to end the insane third quarter.

To begin the fourth quarter, the Knights scored another touchdown, but Chandler ran in for a Judson touchdown make the score 44-41. After Steele ran in for yet another touchdown to make the score 48-44, Chandler ran in for a touchdown with 56 seconds left as Judson defeated Steele 51-48 in what may be labeled as the game of the year.

The Rockets will play San Marcos this Friday for the 2019 Homecoming game.