Review: If I Stay

Theatrical Release Poster

Theatrical Release Poster

If I Stay, written by Gayle Forman, follows Mia Hall, the average girl living the average life. That all changes in an instant when she gets into a terrible car accident that kills both her loving parents along with her little brother, leaving her in a coma.

After the crash, she has an out of body experience as if she is a spirit or some sort. She travels around and watches how her grandparents, friends and boyfriend deal with the aftermath of the accident. She is forced to make a decision whether she should stay and continue living her life with her family and boyfriend, who she is madly in love with, or leave earth forever and go with her departed family up in heaven. Her life will never be the same.

This film will have you at the edge of your seat with tears in your eyes. This is a film smart boys would take their romance junky girlfriends to see. It is about an idolized couple teenagers would usually obsess about.

I’m not too much of a romantic or sentimental type, but this film will have even the coldest hearts sobbing. It teaches the value of loving someone while you still have the chance, because tomorrow is not promised for anyone. People often take what they have for granted without even realizing it, and this film plays the perfect example.

Its definitely a must see.