Students Offered A Range of Career and Technology Classes


Photo By: Ceceila Damon

February is Career and Technology Month. The campus offers many career and technology clusters, which are a set of classes that students can take to better their skills in a certain industry.

Judson has one of the biggest agriculture programs in the area, and is one of the campus’ popular. Future Farmers of America, or FFA, offer many career choices within the agricultural umbrella that includes floral design, vet medicine, metal and woodworking; natural resources, and horticulture.

Being active in this cluster comes with many benefits such as making new friends and being active on campus. Whether you have a love for animals, or a talent with flower arrangements agriculture has it all.

“Floral design is my favorite class. I love being a part of this program. It gives me something to look forward to every day,” senior Madelyn Miller said.

For those interested in video game design, animation, web design, or anything audio visual, the communications cluster just may be for you. This is also the cluster that produces JRocketTV. This cluster is for those who are technology savvy, and can be quite an enjoyment to be in.

“I always loved making videos in my high school and college days, so I enjoy teaching students with similar interests as mine,” instructor David Bourbois said.

The human services cluster offers counseling, guidance, and early childhood development, preparing individuals for employment in career pathways that relate to families and their needs such as counseling, personal care, and consumer services.

“Being in this cluster helps me prepare for my future career, which is an ultra sound technician,” junior Tiarra Edwards said.

Some people may enjoy working with children and helping them grow, others may enjoy helping people get through the difficult struggles in life. Whichever the case, human services provides it.

The campus has a full fledge auto shop, and car junkies can join the automotive cluster. It covers all aspects of a vehicle, teaching students how to dissemble and repair cars. It is a rewarding life skill to have, considering we need to have a car to survive.

“I take pride in learning about my future career,” sophomore Brandon Arajo said.

Criminal justice introduces you to the world of crime – crime and fighting against it that is. With those who are interested in being a police officer, or anything involving law, this career cluster can be very beneficial. It teaches you the basic skills in order to have a career with criminal justice along with defensive skills.

Lastly, the health science career cluster here at Judson promotes health and wellness. Some of the careers they introduce students to are radiology, CNA (certified nurse’s assistant), and dental assistance. For those who are interested in becoming a dentist, a nurse’s assistant, or even a nurse, this cluster offers internships to students that are serious about having a career those fields.

“You get a hands-on feeling of what it’s like to work in that field,” senior Briana Gonzales said. “It educates you in something you love to do.”

Deciding which career to study and pursue can be a difficult and stressful task, especially when you’re going to be stuck with it for the rest of your life. Joining a career path can take a load off your shoulders and get you prepared before pursuing it. These programs are not only beneficial, but fun to be in.