Mr. Dylan Stephens moves up the ranks from classroom teacher to assistant principal


Photo By: Rebeca Rivera

Mr. Dylan Stephens welcomes students to campus in the main hall. This is his first year as assistant principal of Judson High School.

Being an assistant principal is not easy. You’re a part of a team that makes decisions impacting not only students but also the community. You become somewhat of a public figure, constantly representing the school. 

Mr. Dylan Stephens, former social studies teacher, moved up the ranks to become one of two new assistant principals this year.

“My goal here is to [produce] the best Rockets as we can. And I feel [the most effective way is] to help lead other teachers,” Stephens said.

Stephens became a father at a very young age and overcame obstacles to get where he is at in his professional career. All of his hard work makes him extremely proud of his accomplishments and what he has become.

“Working full time, going to school, and raising a family was hard to maintain,”  Stephens said.

Before he became an AP, he taught world geography and US History. He always wanted to take a step further in his career by becoming an assistant principal, but nothing replaces the relationships you build with students inside the classroom.

“I miss being with the students in class and getting to know them on a personal level, building that connection. Because a lot of times, I simply don’t get the time to learn their names [now],” Stephens said.

He loves welcoming students on campus with open arms and believes the best way to show love to the students is by reminding them how appreciated they are here.

“I really just want everyone to feel safe when they walk through those Judson doors. I want them to feel valued. Everybody – students, staff, and parents, I want them to feel valued as a member of the Rocket community,” Stephens said.

He mentioned that he likes to take action on things. And when there is something he needs to do, he’ll get right to it.

“My leadership style is by doing, I wouldn’t ask anybody to do something that I wouldn’t jump in and do myself,” Stephens said. “The staff knows that I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and do the work as well, I’m ready to put in the long hours and get it done,” Stephens said.

He does want to further his career in education, potentially becoming a principal one day and continuing to make a difference in student’s lives.

“I’m currently working on my Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction. And if one day, God takes me to be a principal,  there is where I go,” Stephens said.

Stephens is grateful that he was able to start his AP career here at Judson. He is determined to make this year a good one.


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