Ms. Kayone Carter returns to Judson as a new assistant principal

Carter graduated with the Class of ’91 from Judson HS.


Photo By: Mr. Cabrera

Carter signs student’s form in the hallway. Carter attended Judson herself and graduated in the class of 1991.

Ms. Kayone Carter woke up the morning of July 19, and the day was nothing more than she expected. She went to work as assistant camp Spurs director and everything proceed as normal. Carter was unaware of the way her life was going to change.

She would soon receive the call she always wanted; the call offering her the job as assistant principal of a high school. Carter cried from excitement; she knew this was where she wanted to be to make a bigger difference in her community.

Carter, a well-known member of the community and former teacher in the district, was hired as a new assistant principal of Judson High School.

Even as a teacher and Spurs camp director, she knew that this was the position she ultimately wanted. Carter believed that she would be able to do good for her community through the school system from the very start.

“As a teacher, I knew I was making a difference, but I could only reach the students within my class or grade level, like thirty to sixty kids,” Carter said. “As an assistant principal, I have the opportunity to [reach] over 2,500 students.”

She saw the position as more than just a job, but something close to her heart.

“I look at each student, staff, and former Rocket as my family,” Carter said. “I have this wonderful opportunity to help, give back, and inspire future Rockets.”

The school, students, and faculty are not the only ones benefiting from this new leadership. Carter feels a special kind of satisfaction from her new job that goes so much further than what ends up in her bank account.

“I’m home! I’m with my family, my Rocket family,” Carter said.

With a new school year in session, she’s enthusiastic about what’s to come and how she will impact the school.

“I plan on being an example and take it one Rocket at a time.”