Senate Bill 30 requires schools to review interactions with police


Photo By: Emily Stein

Officer Patrick Resendis speaks to freshman about how to handle police interactions.

Driving is a privilege that most people get to experience as they reach their high school years. It is a sign of freedom, but also one of great responsibility. Teens need to be prepared for anything to happen while they are on the road, including how to handle being pulled over by a police officer.

That’s exactly what Senate Bill 30 aims to do. 

On Tuesday, November 12, 2019, Judson High School gave this presentation for the first time to the class of 2023 and 2022. The presentation was given by Judson ISD police officer corporal Patrick Resendis. 

“Do not argue with the officer at the time of the traffic stop,” Resendis said. “Remember, most agencies have video cameras in the vehicle and on the officers. That is the first place they are going to go look at what transpired during the traffic stop.”

Texas school districts have been sent the course material over the role of law enforcement, interactions with officers, proper behavior with officers and filing a complaint against an officer, which includes a 16-minute video highlighting what to do during a traffic stop. Watching this video is now a requirement of all Texas high school students in order to graduate. 

“This is something you have to take seriously,” Resendis said. “Our legislatures took it seriously so we could reinforce the foundation your parents are giving you.”

It shouldn’t come as too much of a shock to anybody that this bill was passed as tension with police has grown over the past few years. With cases of questionable police behavior occurring, a simple traffic stop has seen to possibly escalate into much more. Resendis ended the presentation with a word of warning to all students to help them remember to remain calm in these situations.

 “I hope if anything you learned today is courteous and comply with the orders. Always be responsible when you are behind the wheel,” Resendis said.